We found the easiest solution to control the energy of your store.

You have all the control. Monitor your energy, see your branch consumption, compare your store with other stores. Turn your savings into investments with our Green Fintech solution.

Simple Process to Get Start

An easy start for the Energy as a service platform, hardware that pays for itself quickly, and more.

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We review your store and identify areas that can be optimized. We offer you a savings plan.

Easy Setup

We perform hardware installation according to the savings plan specified in your store. We will not affect any store operations.

JellyPanel & Relax

We perform a special Jelly Panel installation for you. Monitor your savings, control your energy and relax.

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Optimal end-to-end energy savings for your store. Discover now.

Fast ROI, easy installation.

Do you expect a big change in your store in 4 years? No problem. Our equipment, which pays for itself in a shorter time, will save you money. We will not affect the operations of your store. Thanks to our software, you will receive feedback from customers about your savings practices.

Understandable data.

Our software will set you free. You will see the data you want from wherever you want. If you want to see the energy consumed per sale, you will see it. You will be able to compare yourself with the consumption of the store belonging to another company that is the most similar to you. We call it "Energy Twin".

Green fintech's future.

You will see your savings in real time. We provide future energy consumption estimates. In the near future, you will invest your savings by investing in green funds.

Simple Process to Get Start

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We found the easiest solution to control the energy of your store.

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Avus can handle and match the customer requirements beyond the expectations. They are very responsive and innovative to customer inquiries. They do not leave the job incomplete or finish late.

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Avus will not only help you to control energy of your store, but also helping you to save the future with its innovative, value-added solutions. More precisely, it is not a company at all, it provides a new way of thinking, vision! With its new generation enthusiasts, they are ready to support you.

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Istanbul Kultur University - PhD

End-to-End energy saving technology.